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Book your appointment conveniently from home and transmit contact, insurance, health data and data protection permits.


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Receive your prescription, sick note or
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Frequently asked questions about HAUSARZT Online (FAQ)

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What is HAUSARZT Online?

“HAUSARZT Online” is your virtual family doctor’s practice that is there for you no matter where you are. You will receive everything online that you have previously found  on site in your HAUSARZT practice. This includes consultation hours either by phone or video, prescriptions, sick notes and much more.
HAUSARZT Online relies on partners such as Samedi (online service for digital patient services and telemedicine applications) – or eRiXa (digital prescription or other documents directly on your smartphone) to ensure that everything works smoothly for you. The HAUSARZT ZENTRUM uses these services to enable you to conveniently, quickly and securely book appointments, use a patient file, video consultation hours and much more.

I would like to book my first online appointment and am referred to Samedi for registration?

Samedi is an online service for digital patient services and telemedicine applications. The HAUSART Zentrum uses this service for you as a patient to enable   aconvenient, quick and secure way to book appointments, view patient files, perform video consultations and much more.

Why do I have to book a video consultation as a new patient?

As a new online patient in the HAUSARZT Zentrum, the legislature requires a video consultation during the so-called first contact.

Can I get a sick note at an online appointment?


Can I get a prescription at an online appointment?


Do I have to create an account to be able to use HAUSARZT online?

Yes, I have to create a SAMEDI account.

Can I choose a doctor?

No. Our doctors, who are specially qualified for tele consultation, are at your disposal.